EHHS Writing Center Peer Tutors Present at UCONN


On November 3rd, the peer tutors in the EHHS Writing Center traveled to UCONN to show off their hard work at a special presentation. The Writing Center is a student-run tutoring program here at EHHS. For more information, see Giana's article about the writing center peer tutors.

The conference allowed our writing center peer tutors to show off their successes while also working through problems with teachers and students from other schools across the state. The peer tutors  participated in group work to help identify where each student is in their progress at the Writing Center.

Mrs. Gardner explained, “In this student-run session, Collaborating Together: Building a Writing Center Space, workshop attendees will have the opportunity to hear what the students have done to make our writing center space a reality, what the tutors are working on to promote the center, tutors’ experiences working with peers, and the obstacles they have encountered.” Mrs. Gardner also shared that the tutors presented to other schools to show off what other schools can do to work to implement the writing center into students' everyday lives.

Faith Papa, a founding peer tutor of the EHHS Writing Center, expands on how the presentation went. She explains that the writing center went through some technical difficulties at first, while setting up their presentation, but then had a wonderful time showing off their hard work and dedication. They will make sure to keep everyone updated on how their student run program is implemented into schools across the state

Faith "wanted to be a part of the school's Writing Center to set a foundation for the future of the EHHS Writing Center. Attending this conference was a great way to get some new ideas for our Writing Center.” Faith shares that attending this conference benefited the Writing Center as a whole and they have new ideas for continued expansion of the program. During the conference, the peer tutors compiled news ideas from their own presentation and other sessions they attended. The EHHS Writing Center came back from their trip to UCONN with valuable information about expanding their program, to help better students' academic lives.