Lab Diaries: November


In Ms. Ricco's classes they completed a Case Study: "We are in the Integumentary System in my Anatomy & Physiology class. Prior to this lab, we learned about different skin conditions like skin cancer and different types of burns. In this lab, students were given a case study scenario and were then asked to create different burns and wounds using simple supplies like vaseline, cocoa powder, food coloring, corn syrup, etc! They did a great job, some look super realistic!"

They also completed a straw activity in Human Body class: "One student in my Human Body class came in with a compostable straw in her coffee. This of course led to a class wide discussion about different types of straws and their environmental impacts. We created our own lab, comparing the breakdown of a compostable straw made of plants to a regular straw in both water and soil - so far there is no difference and both are in their true form! More to come!"

Mr. Oshana's students in Marine Science Level 1 presented on different Ocean/Atmospheric Interactions, specifically storms. Some of the storms that the students presented on were; Tornados, Hurricanes, Cyclones and Blizzards. Part of the presentation was to make a detailed 3D model of the different types of storms which are pictured below.

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