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Arthur's Christmas

Arthur's Christmas follows Arthur, who is the son of the current Santa Clause. Santa Clause forgets to deliver a present to a little girl on Christmas night, which panics the entirety of the North Pole. I personally love this movie because of the nostalgia and the magic of the movie as a whole. I love the character Arthur in this movie, because of how much love he has for Christmas, and everything that goes into it. I also love how they depict the way that Santa gets around the world so fast. They take a creative spin on the classic story.


Elf follows a man who grew up in the North pole, and doesn't understand the human world. He finds his father, and tries to bond with him throughout the movie. I like the ending of this movie, where Santa comes to the city, and you get to see the magic of New York City on Christmas. Will Ferrell does a great job at making the movie funny, while also making it feel like a homey Christmas movie to watch with your family. The movie is very modern, showing off how New York City is decorated every year, and making you dream about being there.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

This movie follows the Lampoons’ and how the father wants to have the perfect Christmas this year. Throughout the movie, Christmas starts to go downhill. Personally, This is one of my favorite movies, because it shows the ups and downs of having your whole family together. How hectic it can be during the holidays, while also making it funny. I think it's the best movie to watch with your family, its able to make everyone laugh, while also bringing the Christmas spirit.