Peer Tutoring: The Sum of Learning and Leadership


Opened earlier in the 2023-2024 school year, peer tutoring sessions for Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Honors Geometry and Algebra classes have been available in the LMC (Library Media Center) for students. Mrs. Patricia Robinson, the Library Media Specialist, created the program with the help of Ms. Jennifer Bauer, the Math Instructional Leader, and it has been running smoothly for the last few months.

Mrs. Robinson noticed that the LMC space was not often busy with students, so she used her outside experience from running a tutoring business for the last 15 years to design a new program. Mrs. Robinson really wanted to help others in the EHHS community, and has the goal of increasing learning, empowerment, and confidence among students. The current peer tutoring program focuses on building math skills and pairs one student tutor with another student to help them in the math skills of their choosing. Together, they work on homework, study guides, and class notes on the right side of the LMC.

Even though peer tutoring hasn’t been running for a full year yet, the effects of the program are already making a significant impact on the EHHS community. Grades for math subjects are improving, and, according to Mrs. Robinson, students have shown significant growth in learning in their classes. “[Students are] learning; and I don’t always identify with just grades. The learning is increasing. That’s where it matters. And when the learning is increasing, the confidence builds. And when the two come together it’s very empowering because kids become more knowledgeable,” said Mrs. Robinson. “Those are the things that matter prior to the grade.”

However, the benefits from the peer tutoring program don’t just relate to grades. Peer tutoring is a good opportunity for students to form new relationships with others that are not limited based on their ages or grades. “It’s a good experience to help others and support the community. It’s similar to the writing center. It helps me get to know more of the student body,” said Junior Nicolas Balseiro. These newly formed relationships are empowering to both the student and the tutor. Students who go for tutoring sessions are showing initiative and perseverance while getting extra support to be more successful in their math classes. Tutors, on the other hand, are able to support others in the EHHS community while developing leadership qualities and communication skills that are essential at the college level. The tutors can also include peer tutoring on their resumes, college applications, and their Common App; demonstrating a willingness to help others while displaying excellence in a subject is highly recognized by secondary schools.

To sign up for tutoring, students can go to their Adaptive Scheduler on Powerschool and sign up for Mrs. Robinson’s “Office Hours” throughout the day, whenever peer tutors are available (as shown at the bottom of the article). This semester, tutoring is available daily during all periods, along with lunch waves and Flex. Students must first check in with Ms. Robinson in the LMC before beginning a tutoring session. From there, students can choose to be tutored privately or in a group.

Students who are interested in becoming a peer tutor should fill out the Google form sent by email from Mrs. Robinson. However, the potential tutors must have successfully passed the class of the subject they wish to tutor. Then, after an orientation and review of protocols, students can become tutors. Luckily for tutors, peer tutoring is flexible and works around their schedule.

It is both Mrs. Robinson’s and Ms. Bauer’s hope that peer tutoring will continue in EHHS beyond the 2024 school year. Mrs. Robinson especially would like to see it later include different subjects, such as science, English, and history. Regardless of the subjects that peer tutoring encompasses, the program has already become a highlight of the kindness and generosity of the EHHS community.

Look below to discover how to sign up for peer tutoring sessions!

To sign up for peer tutoring, students must go to their Adaptive Scheduler in Powerschool. To select Mrs. Robinson’s “Office Hours”, students should hit “Select Session”.
Once students hit “Select Session”, they should click on the “Office Hours” button in the row with Mrs. Robinson’s name. The location should say "LMC" for the Library Media Center. If the session is at maximum capacity, students will have to sign up for a later session.
After signing up for peer tutoring, students' Adaptive Scheduler dashboard should show their selected session.