FBLA: The Future of Business


According to Coursera.org, business is the most popular college major for outgoing seniors, so it’s not surprising that FBLA is one of the biggest clubs at EHHS. Business teacher and advisor of FBLA, John Devany leads FBLA into the future of business alongside over 35 club members.

FBLA went from being a group of ten kids to a group of 40 kids in just two years. “We had to move to S106 because my classroom got too small,” says Mr. Devany. Clearly, the club has sparked interest amongst many students. So, the question lies, what is FBLA?

“FBLA is an extracurricular after-school activity targeted towards students interested in business,” Mr. Devany says. He also informed us about what the club has been doing to get involved in the community. “We are currently doing a fundraiser for cancer research where we are selling bracelets. Next month, we are doing a toy drive. We will deliver the toys to our local fire station a week before Christmas.” Thought it couldn’t get any better? FBLA soars into the future of success by preparing for state and national conferences. The state conference will take place in Hartford in the Spring. Although Mr. Devany organizes these events and helps out our community, none of it would be possible without President, Senior, Daniella Orozco.

“As president, I’m the main person who comes up with ideas and helps Devany organize them. Paul Carrangelo (Senior, Vice President) and I organize events. He does more of the buying of what we need to be successful in our planning while I make the flyers advertising the events.” Daniella says. She joined FBLA her sophomore year because her sister was in the club; “She was the president when she was a senior, and now I’m filling her shoes, which is really cool.” Daniella shared that she wants to do something involving business after high school so this club has helped her prepare for that by inviting guest speakers and participating in activities that help the community.

Senior, Dominick Perillo, joined FBLA this year. As a new member, he can confidently say he has already learned so much from this club, including business strategies and jobs that involve business knowledge. He has enjoyed helping the community and advertising the club's events; “My favorite thing we’ve done so far is sell bracelets to raise money for cancer research.”

Meetings for FBLA are held every Wednesday in S106. If you looking for ways to get involved in the community, this is the club for you!