Buzzing Borealis: Summer Expectations!!


The first month of summer kicks off with a full moon in Sagittarius on June 3. This will give individuals an opportunity to let go of what is not doing them any good and reevaluate the important things that are present in their lives. On June 5, Venus will travel into Leo while retrograde in Pluto will start in Capricorn on June 11. This may cause drama that happened at the end of March to come back around. Additionally on June 11, Mercury goes into Gemini which will make communication clear during this time. Expect deserved recognition and lavish living for the rest of the month. June 21 being the official summer solstice will not only bring joy as school is over, but the stars will make for new emotional maturity. Use this summer to mature and evolve into a better person. Be patient, grateful, and sensitive and good things will come your way. Towards the end of the month Mercury divides into Cancer on June 26, which could cause you to feel more appreciative of others. With the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, you may feel overwhelmed by emotions so make sure to hang around your earth sign friends to keep you grounded!!