Buzz Beats: Song Review - "Queencard" by (G)-IDLE


“Queencard” is a new song released by k-pop group (G)-IDLE on May 15th, 2023. “Queencard” comes from the girl group's sixth mini album titled I feel, which all members participated in writing and producing.

The message that comes from the song is very empowering as it’s about feeling confident in yourself. The lyrics in “Queencard” express the importance of not only loving yourself on the outside, but truly accepting who you are on the inside too. The lyrics in the song are catchy, especially during the chorus and the very end. I love the lyrics in the post chorus that mention how their confidence is as powerful as a queen playing card, which is where the name of the song comes from. The members of (G)-IDLE have really amazing lyrical delivery in “Queencard’ which conveys the confident message of the song. It’s also a very perfect summer song and I love how catchy it is to listen to.

Overall, I love “Queencard” by (G)-IDLE because of how fun and catchy the message and lyrics of the song are, so I rate it a 10/10.