Fashion Trends at the 2023 EHHS Enchanted Forest Prom


The theme of the EHHS prom this year is enchanted forest- with many students wearing a variety of textured mermaid and ball gown style dresses with colors of blue, green, or red.

Mermaid dresses and ball gown dresses are the most popular styles of dresses this year, many mermaid dresses belonging to students have sparkles, sequins, and rhinestones, while the ball gown dressed were often described as hanging corset tops—which is one of the most notable and popular trends this year—with tulle and satin layers.

In terms of color, the most popular seem to be dark green, supported by the answers of nearly 50% of polled students. The other most popular colors appeared to be red, light blue, and royal blue.

Sequins, sparkles, satin, and floral patterns are just a few of the most popular textures found in EHHS dresses for 2023. In a random polling, nine of 20 individuals wearing dresses described dresses with sequin, sparkle, and rhinestone details. Three of 20 stated they have satin detailing and textures on their dresses. Lastly, five of 20 said they have floral details and textures decorating their dresses. These patterns are popular and seem to match the 2023 prom theme of Enchanted Forest.

For those who are not wearing dresses, popular attire includes black suits, often with white button-up shirts. Those who have dates are commonly wearing bowties, ties, and pocket squares that match the color of their date’s attire.

Now, after prom, with a clearer lens, the most popular style appeared to be mermaid and ballgowns with corset tops. The most popular colors were blue, green, and pink. Lastly, the sequin and feather fabrics were the most prominent at EHHS prom 2023,

However, prom fashion did not end on prom night, as many students have continued to talk about it throughout the week after prom. “Everybody looked so glammed up and the majority of trends this year matched really well with the theme,” said junior Destiney Johnson.