2023 Met Gala: A Line of Beauty


The Met Gala, a prestigious fashion event, has been held on May 1 of every year since 1948, the theme for this year is “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.” The theme is made to honor Karl Lagerfeld's legacy as an iconic designer of Chanel and Fendi. Singers, actors, athletes, models, designers, and artists gather, dressing up to the year's theme. For the 2023 Met Gala, there were various designer brands such as Valentino, Chanel, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Schiaparelli, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta, and Gucci.

The Met Gala was established by Eleanor Lambert as a way to make money for it to be founded on the Costume Institute. The Met Gala is held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art where celebrities model their outfits at the marvelous Red Carpet. This year the carpet was designed with red and blue stripes embedded on a white carpet. On the sides of the carpet, there was a glass zigzag forming the handle of the carpet. The top of the Red Carpet room was decorated with massive glass chandeliers with blue illumination matching the wall color of the carpet.

EHHS Senior, Saida Pabon shares that the design of the carpet does not match Karl Lagerfeld. She expresses, “I think that a plain elegant white carpet with black flowers to the side would match the theme better.” She would have liked to see the theme match the carpet as well so it's not just a random design printed on the carpet. She liked the chandeliers and thought they were very elegant and went with the theme of the show. On the other hand, Junior Devlan Vithayarath thought that the carpet was fun and more colorful which was needed since most of the people attending wore black and white outfits. He states, “ I think carpet design with the red and blue stripes were needed to separate the outfits worn and it adds a bit of color to the room along with the chandelier light.”

The majority of people believed that this year's theme and outfits went more according to the theme than from previous years. Devlan agrees with this statement since Karl Lagerfeld's color palette and design were in black and white and more of that vintage Chanel. He thinks that celebrities had a creative outlook on the outfits and brands that they wore. He states, “I think the men did an excellent job in matching the theme and not dressing in a boring black plain suit.” His favorite outfit was Pedro Pascal’s which he thought was creative and unique, “It was an artistically sophisticated outfit and high end, and the outfit since it was red allowed him to stand out from the others.” He liked the cut on the top shirt he wore along with the black shorts and the long vibrant red coat.

EHHS Freshman Aaliyah Turner's favorite outfit was worn by Ice Spice. Ice Spice wore a white long sleeve dress with a beautiful long train design by Balmain. Aaliyah thought that her outfit was cute and simple and that's why it made her stand out from the crowd. This was Ice Spice's first Met Gala and Aaliya believes that she killed it with the makeup and slick long red hair. She liked that she was having fun when posing for the camera and using her camera as a prop to strike her pose. Saida’s favorite look was also Ice Spice because Ice Spice looked classy and elegant and different from the other outfits she wore at other events. Aaliyah's least favorite outfit would have to be Doja Cats who was honoring Karl Lagerfeld's cat Choupette.

For the most part, the outfits worn were perfect but to EHHS senior Chau Ngo Kim Kardashian Schiaprelli's outfit was too much and nothing at the same time. Kim Kardashian was styled with diamonds from the neck to use it as a skirt on her hips. Chau thinks that the massive choker diamond necklace she wore is too much for the outfit and it doesn't even match with the other necklaces worn. Chau states, “ I would have liked to see her as something different, to me I feel like she repeats the same tight dress to every event she attends.” She likes the makeup look and the style of the dress she picked but she was left disappointed with her whole outfit. Chau’s favorite looks were Dua Lipa and Jennie who both wore Chanel black and white outfits. To Chau, Dua Lipa’s outfit was elegant, “ she looked like a princess with the ball gown dress and tight corset from top of dress.” She loved the pockets of the dress and how she accessorized it with the huge diamond necklace.Chau believes that Jennie's outfit was clean, cute, and looked adorable with the cut of the dress and flower in the middle.

Honorable Mentions for Best Dress From EHHS Opinions :

Anne Hathaway in Versace and Bulgari

Cardi B dressed in Chenpeng Studio

Jenna Ortega in Thom Browne and Marli Jewelry

Gigi Hadid in Givenchy wearing LAGOS jewelry

Salma Hayek in Gucci

Bad Bunny

Billie Eilish in Simone Rocha and wearing Cartier Jewelry

Olivia Rodrigo in Thom Drowne

Eddie Redmayne in Alexander McQueen

Celebrities outdid themselves on the Red Carpet and at the after-party. Freshman Kaylee Orellana's best look was Billie Eilish because she proves that she can do the glam on the Red Carpet and the chill/comfortable for the party wearing more of a street style. For Freshman Mariangel Letriz, Bad Bunny's casual look of wearing a white t-shirt, dark brown pants, and a lighter brown jacket was a good after-party look. She liked how he took the more comfortable approach since his style for the Red Carpet was more extravagant.

Although many EHHS students had different opinions, this year's Met Gala has been the most on theme for a while.