Icon Issue: Featuring Samia Carrion


This week's outfit of the week was worn by EHHS Senior, Samia Carrion! Her baby tee shirt is from Aeropostale, her baggy jeans are thrifted, her shoes are Converse, and her necklace was gifted. She was inspired by the current trend of baggy pants and street style. She was motivated to wear this outfit because it is cute. It is comfy, but if she was dressing comfy she would dress differently. She feels this represents her style well and she wears a similar style out of school. Sometimes she will dress a little girly style, but most of the time she wears a sort of street style. Her jeans were $1 from Goodwill and she wants people to know you can dress cute for cheap. She rates her outfit a 9 out of 10 for cuteness!

Samia Carrion wearing the Outfit of the Week!