Buzz Beats: Album Review - "Lovestruck!" by Kep1er


Kep1er released their fourth mini album “Lovestruck!” on April 10th, 2023. The album features five different tracks that definitely satisfied many fans.

The title track for the album, “Giddy”, is a very catchy song that perfectly fits the concept of this comeback. Although the chorus is very repetitive, it is very catchy and easily gets stuck in your head. I think “Giddy” had a great arrangement and was executed pretty well. All of the girls were able to stand out to me at some point in the song. My personal favorite part of the song, the bridge, perfectly tied the whole track together. “Giddy” is definitely one of my favorite titles from Kep1er.

For this album, I actually have two favorite songs. The tracks “Why” and “Happy Ending” have similar vibes, but are both amazing. Both tracks are very refreshing and calming while also having a nice beat. The raps in “Why” fit the song extremely well. The vocals during the chorus perfectly put everything together as well. It’s an extremely catchy and pleasant song to listen to. “Happy Ending” is similar. It has a catchy chorus with a nice beat, but still has a very relaxing and pleasant vibe. I think the girls’ vocals perfectly fit both “Why” and “Happy Ending”, making them extremely enjoyable to listen to. Both songs are my style and sound heavenly, making it hard to pick which one is my favorite.

The only track that disappointed me was “LVLY.” “LVLY” sounded a little all over the place to me. I feel like, if the chorus wasn’t so random and repetitive, the song would have been a little better. The song could be enjoyable for other people and is pretty catchy, but it just isn’t my style. “Lovestruck!” also has the track “Back to the City.” I think this song was very upbeat and cute. I loved the raps in it as well. I’m not as strongly opinionated on it as I am on the other tracks, but I think it was very cute and enjoyable.

Overall I thought this album was pretty strong and a good comeback for Kep1er. I think a lot of fans were disappointed with their previous release “Troubleshooter,” but this album made up for it. Some of these songs are definitely going to become my favorites from Kep1er. Overall, I give this album an 8/10.