Locked Out: Students Barred from the Vending Machines


In the past 3 weeks, a new lock system on the vending machines at EHHS has gone into place. The vending machine used to be open to students at any point in the day, but is now locked to follow the school's community program. The vending machine’s have been locked since the middle of March.

EHHS is community eligible for free lunch and breakfast. With the vending machines open all day, it would interfere with the program, Serve-O-Mation. “It’s just a compliance with the community eligible program,” says EHHS principal, Mr. Vincent DeNuzzo. The vending machines are locked from 7-8 and 10-1:30 so as to not interfere with breakfast and lunch times. The vending machine company controls the lock, with Mr. DeNuzzo suggesting the lock time frame. The vending machines also became a place for students to linger and miss or show up late to class. Assistant principal, Mr. Anthony Russell said, “It was becoming an ongoing problem with students taking advantage of FLEX time.” This new system has kept students from missing FLEX and will be kept in place for the rest of the school year.