Buzz Beats: Song Review - "Peppers" by Lana Del Rey


“Peppers” (feat. Tommy Genesis) is the fifteenth track on Lana Del Rey’s new album titled, Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd? “Peppers” is one of my favorite songs from her new album because of how catchy it is.

The title “Peppers” comes from the band, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, which Lana references in a lyric. Lana’s vocals flow throughout the song and complement the Tommy Genesis’ feature during the chorus really well. Lana’s voice is also light and captivating which adds to the dreamy feeling of the song. The lyrics of the song do not bring forth an emotional or very personal side. In “Peppers,” Lana depicts herself as an exciting woman and the lyrics talk about the reckless things she does. In one of the lyrics she even references kissing a boyfriend even though he has COVID. I like the song because it’s fun and catchy especially during the chorus. Towards the end of the song, talking is intertwined with the lyrics and a very nice electric guitar feature is included. The overall vibe of “Peppers” is relaxed, fun, and catchy which makes me rate it a 10/10.