The Hive Mind: the Proposed TikTok Ban


On March 27, 2023, Republican lawmakers calls for TikTok to be banned. Students have many opinions on how they felt about TikTok being banned. Here are some of your classmate's opinions about TikTok possibly getting banned:

Senior, Alexa Lizbette shares: "I think it shouldn't be banned, I've personally learned a lot of stuff from people like for college or everyday life."

Senior, Jaime Forrest shares: "I feel that there are more important issues that should be focused on instead of banning TikTok."

Junior, Amy Sanchez shares: "They've talked about getting TikTok banned before so now I just don't mind."

Sophomore, Steve Izzo shares: "I'd be really unhappy if TikTok got banned because it's a very good distraction when I have nothing to do."

Freshman, Trew Kitson shares:" I'm unsure why it's getting banned, it's a good distraction."