FBLA Donation Drive for the Homeless


The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is hosting a toiletry donation drive for the homeless until the end of the school year.

For this donation drive, the FBLA is collecting sample-size toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, and more. FBLA advisor and EHHS Business teacher, Mr. John Devany, says that all donations can be brought to assigned boxes in teacher’s classrooms: “We’re gonna bring boxes into teacher’s classrooms. We’ll probably start with a few, then eventually have boxes in all classrooms.” The FBLA will not be taking any cash donations. Since there are several donation drives going on involving various issues around the world at the moment, Mr. Devany says that it would be easier to just collect toiletries. “We’re kinda steering away from like the clothes just because there was a big push for that recently with Turkey and Ukraine,” he shares. The FBLA does not have a set goal for the amount of donations collected; they’re trying to get as much as they can. The FBLA put up posters around the school and is also having announcements made every day during the morning announcements to spread awareness.

This donation drive took several months in the making. Though the FBLA is mainly about business, there’s also a large community-involvement aspect to it as well. Mr. Devany says, “Not only do we want to talk about business and leadership and all of that, but there’s a big push for community service and to get kids thinking ‘how can I help?’” He continues to note how a big part of business is dealing with a public persona. Junior and current FBLA member, Melania Korenovsky, explains that the FBLA decided to do this donation drive because “We wanted to reach as many people in the community, so the best way would be to help the homeless.” Melania continues: “It helps those in the community get necessities they cannot afford.” Donation drives influence the community in different ways; they help the people they’re for, but also the people who are involved in it. Mr. Devany says, “It also ties into the vision of the graduate, which a big part about it is being a responsible citizen.” EHHS Principal, Mr. Vincent DeNuzzo also notes the vision of the graduate and the role it plays in donation drives like this: “It reinforces the idea of being a responsible citizen, which is one of our elements of the vision of the graduate, understanding that we have a specific role in our community and the global community to help others in need.” The members of the FBLA are taking leadership in this donation drive, as they are the ones that are collecting and delivering the donations at the end of the drive. Though this donation drive is only taking place at EHHS, it’s important to be aware of this issue because homelessness affects people not only in East Haven, but in other neighboring communities as well.