Buzz Beats: Album Review - "The Beginning: Cupid" by Fifty Fifty


New girl group Fifty Fifty releases their first single album “The Beginning: Cupid” on February 24th, 2023. The title, “Cupid” has recently blown up in the K-pop community, bringing positive attention to the girls.

The group’s first single album features three tracks, “Cupid - Instrumental”, “Cupid”, and “Cupid - Twin Version”. The title of the album “Cupid” is a cute pop song describing feeling lonely while being a hopeless romantic. I thought the title was extremely catchy and fun. It was very refreshing and made me want to listen to it on repeat. “Cupid - Twin Version” is an English version of the title. I really enjoyed being able to properly sing along to the song. The track has cute lyrics like “I look for his arrows every day I guess he got lost or flew away”. These lyrics, along with the bubbly melody, make the song an extremely fun and refreshing listen.

The third track, “Cupid - Instrumental” is just an instrumental of the title. I don’t really listen to instrumental music, so it’s not a track I’d listen to. Nevertheless, it is still catchy. If you are in the mood to listen to a song without any words, this instrumental is perfect.

Overall, “The Beginning: Cupid” is a very cute single album that was perfect for the month of February. After listening to the album, I can see why it blew it up in the K-pop community. The cute lyrics, catchy melodies, and refreshing mood make the album a 10/10.