Icon Issue: Featuring Mia Abely


This week's outfit of the week was worn by EHHS sophomore, Mia Abely! Her outfit included a vest from Lacoste, a black zip-up from Lululemon, a brown undershirt from Lululemon, flare leggings from Aerie, shoes from Nike, and earrings and rings from pandora and TJ Maxx. Current trends Mia incorporated into this outfit are vests and flare pants. She said she picks trends that she has seen on Pinterest and likes. Her motivation for wearing this outfit was cuteness. She believes this outfit does represent her style well. She said her style is pretty similar in and out of school but can change depending on the weather, where she is going, and her mood. She enjoys wearing this style because she likes how it looks on her. Mia said she likes to wear more neutral colors because they go with more stuff so they are easier to style. She also likes how neutral colors look on her rather than bright colors. She said, “different colors match different people” and she feels neutral colors fit her. She rates her outfit an 8 out of 10!

Mia's outfit of the week!