EHHS Athletes Soar to All-SCC Recognition


The All-SCC photo display case can be found in the athletic hall

In the 2021-2022 season, 20 EHHS athletes across various sports were recognized among the All-SCC First and Second teams. At the end of the regular season, the All-SCC First and Second Teams, which consist of the top athletes in the Southern Connecticut Conference, are announced for each sport. These teams are decided in a variety of ways; for individual sports, positions on the team are usually given to the winner of the sport, or the players who hold the fastest times. For team sports, however, every coach involved in the SCC will meet with the commissioner of the sport either in person or through Zoom, where they will then nominate their players to be considered for the team. After nominations, each coach will submit a ballot with their votes on who should be named an All-SCC player.

In the event of a tie, there is no tiebreaker and an extra player will be added to the team. There is no limit to the number of players a coach can nominate, but typically each coach will nominate 1-3 players. If a player that deserves an All-SCC title is not nominated for whatever reason, the commissioner of the sport has the right to add the player to the team. EHHS Athletic Director and current SCC Commissioner of Cheerleading, Mr. Anthony Verderame said, “Typically we will put more players on [the All-SCC team] if it’s warranted, sometimes mistakes are made in the voting and nomination process and it’s not fair to take that away from a deserving athlete.” In most cases, more players are allowed on the All-SCC Second team than the first, but this is one of the only differentiating factors. There are no specific qualifications to make the Second Team, it is simply any player who falls short of a spot on the First team, within reason.

There are different qualifications for each sport’s All-SCC team, but no specific times nor point totals are required. EHHS sophomore, Isabella Jackowicz, who plays center for the Guilford Girls’ Ice Hockey Co-op team, received Second Team All-SCC last year after a 34 point performance in her freshman season. Jackowicz said, “[Receiving this award] motivated me even more. Since I got Second Team All-SCC last year, I am aiming for First Team All-SCC this year.” She says that previously making All-SCC has kept her motivated throughout the season and inspires her to work harder each game to pass her point totals from last season. With the SCC tournaments for winter sports approaching, the announcements of the All-SCC teams will be released soon as well. The 2022-2023 All-SCC teams for cheerleading and wrestling were recently announced, featuring four of East Haven’s own, sophomore Kolbey Nastri and senior Adriana Esposito for cheerleading and sophomore Jack Batista-Fletcher and senior Jason Toth for wrestling.