Buzz Beats: Album Review- 'Second Wind' by BSS


BSS, a unit of the K-pop group Seventeen, released their first official album “Second Wind” on February 6th, 2023. After releasing their digital single “Just do it” in 2018, BSS did not release any music for five years. However, the unit’s recent highly anticipated comeback proved that they were worth the wait.

BSS’s single album features three tracks: “Fighting (Feat. Lee Young Ji), “LUNCH”, and “7PM (Feat. Peder Elias). The title “Fighting (Feat. Lee Young Ji) is an extremely catchy pop-rock track. The song’s lyrics give listeners positive energy and motivation to make it through their day. The members involved in BSS (Hoshi, DK, and Seungkwan) are known for their high energy levels and positivity, making them very suitable for the song. The song features Lee Young Ji, a south Korean rapper. I think her rap that was added in the title was extremely well done, but I personally did not fully enjoy the way it fits into the song. Despite that, I still really enjoyed the song’s upbeat and positive vibe. This title is definitely extremely strong and leaves a big impact on listeners.

The second track “LUNCH” is a very refreshing and fun song. It has very cute lyrics that help listeners fight off the drowsiness they may feel in the afternoon. The song’s energetic beat and fun vibe, once again, perfectly suit the members. I think this song is my favorite from the album simply because of how pleasing it is to listen to.

The final track on the single album is “7PM (Feat. Peder Elias)”. The song is a very soothing and relaxing track that perfectly ends the album. According to the members of BSS, “7PM (Feat. Peder Elias)” is meant to comfort and relax the listener when they’ve had a rough or tiring day. I thought Peder Elias’s feature in the song was a little random, but it still sounded really good. After the other upbeat songs, this track perfectly showcases BSS’s calming and pretty vocals.

Overall, I thought BSS came back with a very strong and cute album. Each track has some aspect of it that makes it shine. Although the features were a little random, the songs as a whole were still really good. The strong impact this album leaves gives it an 8/10.