EHHS LMC’s Blind Date with a Book Encourages Students to Find their Love for Reading


The EHHS LMC encourages students to read during the month of February by hosting a Blind Date with a Book event. School librarian, Mrs. Patricia Robinson, was inspired to create this display after doing research on different displays other librarians have done. Mrs. Robinson believes that the display is a “cute way to develop the library” and encourages reading participation in EHHS. According to Mrs. Robinson, “Everyone likes surprises and everyone likes something different.” All of the books used were also donated to her from Read to Grow, a program that donates books to promote reading, which played a part in her decision to create the display.

Blind date with a book includes wrapped-up best-selling books that have clues about what genre they are on the wrapping paper. Students then pick a book they are interested in based on the clues available to them. Some of the clues hint at genres like fantasy, mystery, nonfiction, romance, etc. After reading the book, students are encouraged to return to the library and give their ratings and opinions on the book. Upon completing this survey, the students are then surprised with the opportunity to keep the book that they read.

So far, students who have participated in Blind Date with a Book have given positive feedback to Mrs. Robinson. The books remained available until the end of February. Mrs. Robinson is unsure if Blind Date with a Book will return next year as she likes to switch up her ideas every year. Either way, Mrs. Robinson says that students can expect more fun displays like this in the future.