A Unique Take: Reading Bingo Debuted by Mrs. Patricia Robinson


Reading Bingo debuted in January 2023 when Mrs. Patricia Robison the EHHS Library Media Specialist introduced her unique take on high school reading challenges: a reading-based Bingo where students win prizes by reading a variety of texts and completing squares on a bingo form. The challenge had not been well-advertised and many students and staff have not heard of this challenge yet.

Since starting at EHHS, Mrs. Robinson has tried to increase student interest in reading and the library with a variety of new, engaging ways to raise student interest. In her most recent initiative, she created Reading Bingo. In December 2022, she sent an email to EHHS students and staff with attachments explaining the challenge. She shared that while Reading Bingo was meant to increase reading, her other initiative, Blind Date With a Book, seems to be drawing more attention.

Even after the email about Reading Bingo, only a few students and staff knew the details. EHHS senior Isabella Balsiero had heard of it; she stated, “I read the school emails because I’m nosy.” Most other students and staff had no idea that the challenge was going on, but every person was in support of it. Mrs. Lisa Veleas, English Instructional Leader said: “Mrs. Robisnon is always trying to get up excitement for reading.”

English teacher Ms. Sara Chilone did not previously know about the challenge, however, she always tells her students of the reading challenges she knows of, and had had her students fill out the Superintendent’s Reading Challenge form that day. She believed strongly in the power of competition, stating that the challenge aspect helps motivate students to read because “Who doesn’t love a little competition?”

Multiple reading incentives are always going on. Mrs. Robinson constantly tries to bring attention to books because “Reading is reading,” and she always wants to find ways to engage students with the library, trying to find what works. Reading Bingo doesn’t end until the end of February, and the bingo sheet is available at the front desk of the LMC.

Mrs. Veleas reminds EHHS students to “Pick up a book, any book. It doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you read. It really can change your life.”