Live, Laugh, Love: Valentines Day


Every year on February 14th, people all around the world dedicate the day to appreciating the people in our lives. Science teacher Ms. Riccio describes Valentine's Day as, “I think it is a cute holiday all about love that is different for everybody” but brings up a compelling point which is "why are you going to limit that to one day?” 

Although most people consider Valentine’s Day a romantic holiday, some students dedicate the day to spending time with their friends. Senior Izabella Olszewski says, “We (her friends) do a Galetine’s day where we do activities together and hang out, it is important to make them (friends) feel appreciated. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.” She also discusses how as you get older the meanings and traditions of Valentine’s Day differ; “When you’re a kid, Valentine's Day is fun because it doesn’t just have to be about love, it was more about friendship.” 

On the other hand, there are some students who do not consider Valentine’s day a holiday at all. Senior Kayla Astorino disagrees that Valentine’s Day is a holiday, but simply considers it “A day I get to show the person I love all my appreciation.”