Buzzing Borealis: Astrology of the Hive


♈︎Aries🔥(Ram) - March 21-April 19

Planet ruling: Mars

Aries are commonly assertive, persistent, and brave. They tend to be competitive and independent. They are persistent and put their energy into pushing things forward. Your passion is a fire within your heart that can never and should never be put out.

♉︎Taurus🌎(Bull)- April 20-May 20

Planet ruling: Venus

Taurus’ are commonly grounded and practical but also tend to be possessive and unable to compromise. Due to being ruled by Venus (which determines love) you may find yourself surrounded by love and beauty.

♊︎Gemini💨(Twins)- May 21-June 20

Planet ruling: Mercury

Gemini’s are typically very observant, charismatic, and curious, but also tend to be indecisive and nonchalant. Since Gemini's are an air sign, you may present yourself as easygoing and aloof. Gemini is represented by the twins which may explain their two-face tendencies.

♋︎Cancer💧(Crab)- June 21-July 22

Planet ruling: Moon

Cancer’s are typically sensitive and emotional. Since your sign is the crab, you may find yourself having a protective shell on the outside, but a soft and gentle heart on the inside. You may think you are in tune with your emotions, yet finding yourself crying over spilt milk.

♌︎Leo🔥(Lion)- July 23-August 22

Planet ruling: Sun

Leo’s tend to take charge because of their self-confidence and dominance. They are often able to solve difficult problems because of their commitment. Don’t get so wrapped up in yourself and your arrogance that you forget there are other people in this world.

♍︎Virgo🌎(Virgin)- August 23-September 22

Planet ruling: Mercury

Virgo’s tend to be nitpicky to ensure that nothing is left to chance. They are often resilient and use practicality to remain organized. You seek too much goodness that satisfaction will never be attainable. 

♎︎Libra💨(Balance)- September 23-October 22

Planet ruling: Venus

Libra’s often prefer partnership which is why they tend to be cooperative. They strive for balance because of their affinity to harmony and their hatred of violence and injustice. You are overly dependent on your loved ones, so don’t be surprised when they get frustrated with you.

♏︎Scorpio💧(Scorpion)- October 23-November 21

Planet ruling: Pluto

Scorpio’s are the most fiery out of the water signs. They are assertive, extremely dominant, and resourceful. Although Scorpio’s value honesty, they tend to manipulate others when things don’t go their way.

♐︎Sagittarius🔥(Archer)- November 22-December 21

Planet ruling: Jupiter

Sagittarius’s love to have their freedom, surround themselves with humor, and always look on the bright side of things. They embrace change and have good intentions. Your attraction to people creates a good social life, but it will create a perception of clinginess.

♑︎Capricorn🌎(Goat)- December 22-January 19

Planet ruling: Saturn

Capricorn’s are the most stubborn and self-controlled out of the zodiacs. They are natural leaders and they take charge of all situations they face. Just like the goat, they are headstrong and difficult to move.

♒︎Aquarius💨(Water Bearer)- January 20-February 18

Planet ruling: Uranus

Aquarius are very unique and deep thinkers. They are always looking to have fun and take risks. While they tend to understand others very well, they run from their own emotions and problems because of their affinity to be carefree.

♓︎Pisces💧(Fish)- February 19-March 20

Planet ruling: Neptune

Since Pisces is a water sign, they are incredibly emotional and in touch with their feelings. You may find yourself putting others' needs before your own so often that you become drained and irritable. 


Determines your ego and identity

↑ Ascendant

How you present yourself to people.

☽ Moon

Rules your emotions, moods, and feelings.

☿ Mercury

Determines how you communicate, think, and process information.


Determine how and what you love.


Planet of aggression, determines how you assert yourself and take action.

♃ Jupiter

Rules idealism, optimism, and philosophy.

♅ Uranus

Rules growth, insurgency, and transformation

♆ Neptune

Rules your creativity, imagination, and dreams. Rules a generation more than a person.

For the month of February, we have big events up until the 20th that are going to affect everyone. The month started off with a green comet blazing through the sky for the first time in 50,000 years. It was its first return since the last ice age! One of the biggest events this month is the Sun entering Pisces on February 18th. Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune which covers creativity, dreams, and imagination, so you can expect big ideas and an artistic side of yourself. Although this sign rules love and empathy, we may feel self-pitied and victimized by life.