HoneyPaws February 1st UPDATED


Logo credit to Isabella Balsiero

“This is Bling and Flight Feathers and they are about 1 year old. They get into trouble by flying onto things they should. Bling is the only one currently giving me eggs and Flight Feathers tends to fly over the fence.”

Theodore is a golden retriever puppy. His human says, "We say he’s ‘pretty good’ because he is still a puppy and never has very good behavior.”

Your choices are:

A. Ms. Ruggiero

B. Mr. (A) Gardner

C. Mr. Profetto

D. Ms. Bauer

E. Mrs. Parisi

Please comment your guess on the most recent post on the @ehhscomet Instagram!


Bling and Flight Feathers belong to... Ms. Ruggeiro! 

Theodore belongs to... Ms. Bauer!