Keeping Up With the Cheerleaders


EHHS senior cheerleaders will enter their final first competition of 2023 and leave the season with new values.

On February 4th, the cheer team will begin SCC’s as their first competition of the season. Although the seniors are sad to say goodbye to their cheer career and family, they are looking forward to leaving the team with new experiences and an exciting competition season. Competition season roughly lasts from January to March, but making the routine takes up the entire cheer season. Senior captain, Taya Ragaini, says that, “We are really looking forward to just really coming together as a team, you know, we’ve been struggling with that the last couple months, but we are looking forward to taking the mat together and coming off feeling proud of ourselves,” Last year, the EHHS cheer team had their most successful season yet and got 2nd place in SCC’s, so seniors are hoping to leave their final year with their absolute best record. Senior Donna Garcia, discusses some of the struggles that come along with such a big commitment. “Sometimes you get into your head a lot and you feel like giving up, but you can’t for your team,” Although the competition season can be extremely stressful for them, Donna also stresses the importance of having fun, especially in your final year. “This is the last time I’m ever gonna do this ever in my life again, so last one best one.” Most of the seniors are not continuing to cheer in college because they want to focus on their studies, making this season especially important to them.

Junior Kayla, says that the seniors are “A really big part of our team and have made so many impacts.” Support the team on February 4th at North Haven High School to cheer them on for SCC’s!