The New Construction in EHHS's Library Media Center


The Library Media Center at EHHS recently went through new construction in the summer of 2021. With the new construction, EHHS also gained a new library media specialist, Mrs. Patricia Robinson. The construction consisted of building a new classroom for our art teachers and new offices for the assistant superintendent, Dr. Jenifer Murrihy. The library has become more open to students and has many new class options available.

Since the library space is so large, there are many different classes available, including capstone courses. There are also computer and design-based art classes offered in the library. The new classroom is used by art teachers, Mr. Matthew Stevens and Mrs. Mindy Parisi. Their main classrooms are in the lower level East Wing. “I like that LMC1 is a semi shared space with the library. Most of the art rooms are downstairs and feel a bit removed from the ebb and flow of the school, so this is a nice change,” says Mr. Stevens. The library classrooms are different from a normal classroom at EHHS, with it having big windows to help feel more open. There was also another space built towards the left of the library for Dr. Jennifer Murrihy, the EHPS Assistant Superintendent. The space is used as an office and is a great meeting place for teachers. Dr. Murrihy said, “I enjoy being located within the library so I can connect with students and learn about their experiences at school.” She also has flex classes and enjoys getting to be more helpful to students with the space she has been provided.

Mrs. Robinson, the new library media specialist, began working at EHHS in the beginning of 2021-2022 school year after the construction had already been finished. Mrs. Robinson said, “I teach capstone classes, courses on the school databases, I am a part of in-school field trips, and I co-teach classes with some other teachers.” She has many plans for the library in the future and is trying to create a lot of new opportunities for students, including a section of the LMC devoted to rising seniors filling out the FAFSA for college and career preparation. The teachers aren’t the only ones who are enjoying the new classrooms. The new classrooms are a big hit with students at EHHS. “It's different. I like the windows; it feels less blocked like my other classes,” says senior, Alexis Serafin. If a student would like to sign into the library they can have their teacher send an e-hall pass under Mrs. Robinson's name.