ICON ISSUE: Featuring Mia Flores-Soto


Mia Flores-Soto and Adriana Esposito were voted best dress at EHHS for the Class of 2023. 

This week's outfit of the week was worn by Mia Flores-Soto. Her outfit was comfortable and cute. It included a strapless jumpsuit from Express, shoes from Steve Madden, and jewelry from Mexico. Mia keeps track of current trends on Tik Tok, things to come out of fashion week, and keeps up with celebrities like GiGi Hadid that influence her style. This particular outfit was inspired by the suede trend and she thought it fit the winter and Christmas time nicely. In other outfits of hers, she is inspired by the leather trend. She said she likes to have a feminine chic style with light and delicate clothes, but also doesn’t stray away from a bolder style. She likes to mix her style up. She thinks this outfit does represent her style well and that the color is good for winter. She wore this outfit because it is not only cute but also comfortable. She dresses up for school because it makes her feel more motivated to do work and puts her in a better mood. She believes it is important to dress cute, but not go out of your way to be uncomfortable all day. From a 1 to 10, Mia rates her outfit a 9 for cuteness!