The Cookie Crumble: Week of 12/12


This week Crumbl presented us with a miscellaneous and random theme of cookies. We had students and teachers try the Twix, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk, Gingersnap, Peppermint Cupcake, Waffle, and the mystery cookie Triple Chocolate Chip. 

People were very opinionated about the lowest-scored cookie: Twix. Avid Crumbl hater, Mr. D. Gardner was not a fan of the texture and claimed “it did not taste like a Twix." He gave it a disappointing 4/10

Up next we have a personal favorite of mine: the peppermint. It was a chocolate cookie with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles of candy cane on top. Ms. Riccio said, “The frosting really was a strong start, but the chocolate cookie does not have the umph I need to compliment it.” This cookie ended up averaging out to a 6/10

Tied for second place we have Gingersnap and Triple Chocolate Chip. The Gingersnap cookie was just a regular ginger cookie spiced with cinnamon with sugar crystals on top. Ms. Tracey said the sugar combined with the ginger flavor was really good and gave it an almost perfect 9.5/10. The Triple Chocolate Chip was a rich chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips in the mix. Senior Donna Garcia said that, “I am not a cookie person, but this is really good.” It also earned a 9.5/10.

Finally, in first place we have a new recipe, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip. A classic chocolate chip cookie with semi-sweet chunks that everyone enjoyed. There was not a bad thing that anyone could say about the cookie. It's a perfect 100/10 according to Chris Devlin. 

Overall I am super satisfied with what Crumbl gave us this week and I can not wait to see more of their holiday flavors!