BUZZING ON THE BIG SCREEN: 12 Days of Christmas Movie Reviews Day 2: Home Alone




The Most Iconic Line: " Keep the change, ya filthy animal." - Gangster Johnny.

Our Favorite Character: Kevin McCallister

Home Alone is a comedy Christmas movie that many people watch again and again, that never gets old. In the beginning of the movie Kevin McCallister’s family is getting ready for their vacation to France. In all of the craziness of having to leave, the McCallister family forgets Kevin at home. While all alone there are people trying to break into the house. To get rid of the burglars Kevin sets up traps, so they would leave.

Watching this movie makes you feel like a kid again. Being able to watch Kevin come up with all these crazy plans, makes it seem like you’re there, filled with the tension of the bulgars trying to break into the house. The burglars getting tricked and their reactions is something that makes this movie for us. Our favorite scene is when Kevin realizes he is all alone and he jumps on the bed, where he is having the time of his life. We recommend watching all of the Home Alone movies in chronological order to experience the magic that the movies bring during the holidays.