Sydney Herard and Hailey Ahumada Win Homecoming King and Queen 2022


On the week of November 7th nominations went out for Homecoming King and Queen. Students had to specifically nominate who they wanted to be their Kings and Queens throughout all grades. A google form went out the day before Homecoming and the three most nominated couples were on the ballot.

Winners Hailey Ahumada and Sydney Herard wanted to run because of the new running policy. This year students did not have to be a couple or a senior to be eligible. A good friend of Sydney and Hailey, Gianna Mercedes, went around to students handing them flyers instructing them to vote for the couple. Gianna was a big supporter of her friends and wanted them to win more than anyone, and her hard work paid off. Upon winning, Hailey was so shocked she “thought they were playing a prank on [them].” Sydney shares that as an underclassman she would have never imagined people being as accepting as they were. The couple were thrilled to be the ones that broke the barrier at EHHS. Sydney shares: “there were a lot more people who wanted us to win than we thought.” Although the couple did not feel like much changed, people who they did not know congratulated them and showed their support. Sydney shares that a lot of people run because they want the satisfaction of winning, but they run because they want the satisfaction of people knowing makes the whole thing so memorable. Although the couple ran for fun, they were pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Hailey and Sydney have changed the homecoming court forever at EHHS. An inclusive environment makes students feel recognized and respected. They have opened the door for more LGBTQ+ students to run and support from students and staff has brought the community closer together. Although not all reactions were positive, we hope the community will be more accepting in the future.