BUZZING ON THE BIG SCREEN: The Guardian of the Galaxy Holiday Special



The Guardian of the Galaxy Holiday Special is a Marvel Christmas theme short film of 44 minutes. It starts with Yandu ruining Christmas for a young Peter Quill, saying that it should be forgotten along with Peter’s other Earth traditions. It then switches to a present-day Peter Quill and the rest of the Guardians now in Knowhere. Mantis suggests to Drax that they should plan something for Quill since it's Christmas time back on Earth and Quill isn't doing too well after the death of Gamora. Mantis believes that as her sister she should do something about it. So Mantis and Drax go on a mission to Earth to bring the perfect present to Quill which is none-other than Kevin Bacon, a person that Quill grew up watching on TV while on Earth.

This mini-show is full of great jokes between Mantis and Drax, it was nice to see their dynamic develop from previous Guardians of the Galaxy movies. The scenes of Mantis and Drax on Earth chasing Kevin Bacon around his house to take him to Knowhere were hilariously filled with comedic relief from both Guardians. It was amusing to see how Mantis and Drax behave while on Earth and how they found a candy cane and elf ornament so fascinating.

Once they return to Knowhere, Quill is greeted with a beautiful Christmas display. Groot enters holding a massive box containing Kevin Bacon, Quill is quick to realize that Kevin was under Mantis's power. He quickly tells her to put him back to his original form, viewers are left with Kevin freaking out about where he is at and seeing Rocket talk. Kevin is ordered to be sent back to Earth by Quill. Kevin starts entering the ship but Kraglin stops him telling him how Quill's Christmas was ruined and that Mantis and Drax just wanted to give him the Christmas that he never got. Kevin changes his mind and decides to stay in Knowhere to help celebrate Christmas with them all. There is singing and dancing; there are scenes where The Guardians all give one another gifts. The most wholesome being Groots which is a hand-crafted memorial of them celebrating Christmas. Nebula gives Rocket, Bucky's metal arm which he eyed in Avengers: Infinity War, Mantis gives Drax the inflatable elf that he left back on Earth, and Quill gives Groot a Nintendo GAME BOY.

This holiday special show was a heartwarming and wholesome end of Phase 4 filled with comical sarcastical jokes. We like how Marvel is having fun and experimenting within each production. This show was a great mix of laughing and heartwarming moments between the group.This was definitely a show that we recommended to watch during Christmas time; it short and perfect for the holiday spirit. We rate it a 10/10. Wish there were more of Drax and Mantis on Earth since those two stole the show with their humor but overall all the other components add up to an amazing production by Marvel.