The Art of Woodworking: A Journey of Creativity and Skill


Creating with Care: The EHHS Woodworking Workshop

At EHHS, Mr. Jared Fernandez runs a woodworking workshop that's full of creativity and skill-building. With the help of Mr. Fernandez, the woodworking teacher, students get to discover and learn traditional woodworking techniques. They start with simple projects like making cutting boards and work their way up to more complicated ones like crafting furniture. This hands-on experience helps them appreciate the craft even more. Woodworking is an ancient craft that still captures the interest of people today. From the smell of sawdust to the feeling of accomplishment, woodworking is a special experience. 

Woodworking as a Business: From Classroom to Selling

Mr. Fernandez loves woodworking so much that he turned it into a successful business. He mainly sells his wooden creations to teachers. He uses social media, like Facebook, to show off and sell the beautiful things his students make. He shares, "Woodworking lets students be creative while learning to solve problems and be patient. It's like combining art with craftsmanship." 

Skills and Values: More Than Just Woodworking

While learning woodworking techniques is important in the EHHS woodworking class, there's more to it than just that. Students also develop other valuable skills and values during their time in the class and business. They learn to work together and be good team players. They also learn to communicate well, solve problems, and provide good service to customers. These skills will be helpful in their future careers.

Success Stories and Future Dreams

The EHHS woodworking class has seen many success stories. What's great is that you don't need any previous experience in woodworking to succeed. Students with different backgrounds have discovered their talents and found a passion for woodworking that will shape their futures. The woodworking workshop at EHHS wants to keep growing and inspiring more young people to explore the beauty of woodworking and all the cool things they can create. With support from the community and Mr. Fernandez’s dedication, the future of woodworking at EHHS looks bright.

Woodworking is more than just a craft—it's a fun journey of creativity, learning skills, and personal growth. The EHHS woodworking class and business show how powerful this ancient art can be. Through woodworking, students not only learn how to work with wood but also develop important life skills. As they make cool designs and use modern technology, they're shaping their own futures and discovering all the amazing things they can do with woodworking.