EH Varsity Football Doesn't Lose Their Heart After Big Upset Vs. Hillhouse


The EH Varsity Football team took a difficult loss on November 3rd versus Hillhouse with a final score of 27 vs 26. Students, players, and the coaches all had mixed reactions to the overall experience under the Friday night lights for our first home game in five weeks.

On Friday, November 3rd, the team faced off against Hillhouse in their “white lies” themed football game. Unfortunately, the team took a last minute loss that was difficult to watch for everyone involved.

The team played a well-fought game. Junior Dante Rodriguez started the team off with the first touchdown of the night to make the score 7-6, with Hillhouse in the lead. Then, Junior Rocco D’amato scored two touchdowns, bringing the score to 20-14, East Haven leading. The team dynamic was strong this Friday night. Finally, With 1 minute and 10 seconds left, Junior Alex Dombrowski ran the ball for a crowd erupting touchdown, to bring the score to a solid 26-21, with East haven in the lead. However, on the following kickoff, Hillhouse managed to run the ball back for a touchdown of their own. The boys took a devastating loss to end the game with a score of 27-26.

Sophomore Trew Kitson believes the team’s strongest aspect was “[running] the ball. The other team’s defense exploited the outside run and Rocco D’Amato took advantage of the opportunity.” Although he feels the team did well in this aspect, he also feels that the team could have improved with other things. “Our field goals and two point conversions need work. We plan to work on it in practice, watch films, and work on ourselves individually.”

Coach Rusty Dunne, spoke about his most memorable moment that night: “The most memorable moment was losing the game at the end. The officials missed some bad calls on the final play.” He feels that the team did well, but one player stood out. “Rocco D’amato was the most stand- out athlete of the game. He had lots of carries, yards rushed, and tackles on defense. Many of them did well, but he stood out.” Coach Dunne has his plans to keep working on the dynamic of the team and move forward; “We will try to build off the positives that took place last Friday night.”

The EHHS student section also discusses their thoughts. Junior Gianna Santoro, Junior Tanner Walsh, and Senior Alexis Lamprea all come to the games to support the team and their friends. They all try to come to every home game as possible, while having great amounts of school spirit.

In the last month of SCC football, Hillhouse beat Guilford, then Guilford beat East Haven, and then East Haven was extremely close to a win against Hillhouse. East Haven players were almost celebrating at the end of the game, but they struggled to close it out, ultimately taking the loss.