Kolbey has been cheering for five years and has been on the high school cheer team since her freshman year. 

Kolbey began her life as a dancer and after ten years she started to cheer in middle school since her sister and all her childhood friends did cheer as well, so she figured it would be a fun idea to change and try something new. 

Kolbey started as as flyer both freshman and sophomore year, now as a junior she switched to main base.  

"I've known  Kolbey since middle school and i watched her grow up into a god role model. She is someone that makes practices fun and someone you could go to about anything," teammate Emily Leopardi claims. 

Kolbey has won many awards as a cheerleader, recurving All SCC her sophomore and freshman year just like ALLSTATE,  and ALL AMERICAN her sophomore year. 

Junior Captain,  Kolbey Nastri