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Illustrated by Isabella Balseiro

Gracie Abrams is an American singer/songwriter signed under Interscope Records. "Good Riddance" is her first studio album after the release of two extended plays, and multiple singles. While only in the scene for a few years, she's made many different achievements, specifically her being an opener in Taylor Swift's, 'The Eras Tour," and headlining her third tour, "The Good Riddance Tour." This album discusses a story that follows Gracie through many different hardships and recovery, such as toxic relationships (where she is the perpetrator), drug use as a coping mechanism, internal struggles, insecurity, and acceptance of oneself. When Abrams was interviewed on Billboard, she talked about the most difficult parts of the albums, stating, "The thing with all these songs is that they all were written so quickly. The ease at which a lot of the words came out was the painful part, because a lot of what was said in the songs wasn’t said directly to the person [they’re about]."

Here are a few of my favorite lyrics from this album:


  • You were there all the time/You're the worst of my crimes/You fell hard, I thought "good riddance"
  • 'Cause look at me, I'm alone, sitting here, stayin' home/All of my self control kinda got difficult/But I deserve it though, I deserve it though

    I know it won't work:

    • What if I'm not/Worth the time and breath I know you're savin'?
    • 'Cause I'm your ghost right now, your house is haunted

    Where do we go now?:

    • You look hopeful/Like we're supposed to work somehow/Can't you tell our light burned out?
    • Guess the space was the thing that I needed/But I miss you

    I should hate you:

    • Then I wasted my breath when I tried to console you, didn't I?/'Cause we didn't happen the way we were supposed to
    • Pulled the knife out my back, it was right where you left it/But you aimed kinda perfect, I'll give you the credit
    • I just drank something strong to try to forget, but it wasn't right
    • And I swear to God I'd kill you/If I loved you less hard
    • I would bend back to you if you left the door open


    • I hope/I wake up invisible/I'd be someone no one knows/I guess I'm just difficult
    • 'Cause you were everythin' to me, where did you run to?/Was it somethin' that I said that colored you blue? 

    This is what the drugs are for:

    • What am I supposed to do/When you used to be my lifeline
    • Though I've tried, I can't pretend/That I don't sit around and think about you

    Fault line:

    • You're the drug that I take/When I want to forget how I'm feelin' 
    • And all of my imaginary friends are scared of you

    The blue:

    • Despite the space between us/I've never felt this close to someone

    Right now:

    • I'm so high, but can't look down/Left my past life on the ground/Think I'm more alive somehow/I feel like myself right now

    This album was recommended to me by Comet member, Brooke Ciscone. When discussing her favorite parts of the album, she explains, "'I should hate you' is one of my favorites because of how angry she sounds during the bridge. I also love the topic talked about in the song. Knowing you should hate someone for what they've done to you, but being unable to come to terms with it is such a real topic. I also love "Best" because she talks about taking accountability for her actions, which is so refreshing. After all, so many songs try to blame others, and not take into account your faults in it. The lyricism is so amazing, and my favorite part has to be the bridge. It's very long and more fast-paced, which truly shows her emotions in it." She also notes how 'Right Now' is a perfect conclusion to the album, ending the story with how she feels like herself, even after everything that has happened prior. 

    Overall, I'd rate this album an 8.5/10, as I did enjoy many of the songs, but they weren't top-tier songs. Although Gracie is not an artist I usually listen to, I'd check out more of her music. If you're looking for an album full of long, sad songs, this is the one for you. 

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