EH Police Athletic League Puts on "A Normal Night" with The Addams Family


The East Haven Police Athletic league, or PAL, hosted a movie night in the EHHS Auditorium on October 19. The movie,The Addams Family was shown, and the doors opened at 6 PM.

PAL has been hosting various events to help give back to the community and contribute to making our community unified. They host different events,like bingo, and sponsoring different sports leagues. For any more information,please refer to their website.

Officer Burrell, the secretary of PAL, speaks on the history of the organization. They started several years ago with hopes of helping the community and creating a safe space for people. Multiple police officers come together to organize events, which then get approved and run in various locations.

The Addams Family follows a family that acts in contrast to what is considered “normal”, but they see no problem with the ways they live. It is a magical story of the family, and their different relationships with one another. There are different spin offs regarding this series such as Wednesday, The Addams Family 2, and the Original Addams Family.

Following up with Officer Burrell, she says, “The event went well, lots of kids came, at least 30, all dressed in costumes.” She says that everyone had a fun time, and loved the movie that was played. Alight,a local business, was there distributing samples of their drinks for everyone to try. PAL will be hosting a movie night again next year in October, make sure to refer to their website for more information if you're interested.