The Hive Mind: TikTok Edition


Jayson Digirolamo: “An hour and twenty five minutes."

Mrs. Coup: “That’s a fabulous question. Maybe a half hour a day.”

Adriana Rodriguez: “About like two to three hours. It’s only the beginning of the day and [I've] been on it a lot.”

Stella Frat: “A lot. When I get home probably like six or seven [hours].”

Mr. Tolla: “More like minutes. maybe like fifteen minutes.”

Miranda Consiglio: “Probably like two [hours].”

Isabella Maione: “So three hours and four minutes.”

Angelie Rios: “Two hours and twenty nine minutes.”

Camila Letriz: “Four hours.”

Dayanna Uzhca: “Like an hour.”

Mrs. Bogart: “It really depends on the day. An hour maybe.”

Natalie Criscuolo: “Like eleven [hours]. I love TikTok. That was an exaggeration maybe four or five.”