Keepin' It Reel: Gilmore Girls


Logo credit to Nalini Harry-Esposito

Gilmore Girls

Genre: Dramadey - Comedy & Drama

Isabella’s Rating:★★★★

Gilmore Girls follows the life of a teen, Rory Gilmore, and her mother, Lorelai Gilmore. It follows the struggles of life as a teenage girl, as well as a single mother. Throughout the first season Rory struggles with a lot of different things, like boys and school.

Personally I love the way that Gilmore Girls shows struggles that a teenage girl has to go through. The show focuses on Rory's relationship struggles, and how she deals with boys and specifically her struggles with commitment. Rory is also an academically advanced student, which brings in different problems with school,and workload. I liked the relatability of Gilmore Girls and watching another teenage girl go through similar struggles. Seeing Rory have to balance her home life, school life, social life, and relationships, was very comforting knowing that many people have to deal with these situations. Overall I also liked the vibe and feeling of the show. The show has a fall setting a lot of the time making it perfect to watch during the fall months.

Behind the Reel

Gilmore Girls was based in Stars Hollow, based on a town in CT.

Ryan Gosling auditioned for a part in Gilmore Girls but his audition was said to have “fallen flat.”