The EHHS Lab Diaries September through October 2023


All photos courtesy of the EHHS Science department. Follow them on Instagram @ehpsscience_pompano

Marine Biology class with Mrs. Pompano
Ella Angelo, Natalie Furino, Fabiana Ruggiero, and Joshua Hutchinson in Biology Honors' Critters lab
Jennifer D'Agostino, Mallory Boney, and Emily Forrest in Biology Honors' Critters lab
Mateo Rivera, Steve Condo, Madison Paolella, and Aidan Jones-Pettway in Biology Honors' Critters Lab
Olivia Martin, Gianna Carr, and Melania Korenovsky in AP Biology's Beet lab
Taniya Ahmed, Jenna Sarno, Nina Marrerois, Melania Korenovsky, Olivia Martin, Giana Carr in ECE Environment Science soil testing day.