The Hive Mind: Football Edition


Week 2: Do You Think Taylor Swift Put Travis Kelce on The Map? 

Mikayla Pacheco: "Yeah, I honestly do yeah because me personally I didn’t hear about him until taylor swift started dating him and i feel like it’s the same for a lot of females."

Maddie Parise-Orsini: "Oh that’s a hard question because if you watch football then no, but if you don’t then yeah."

Faith Papa: "I didn’t know who he was before her so, but I also don’t watch football. So in my opinion yes."

Antonio Rubio: "Yeah." 

Eric Tapia: "I’m not up to date with that stuff."

Hailey Ahumada: "Absolutely, I’ve never heard his name until her."

Nick Vance: "Yeah because I’ve never heard of him before."

Daniella Orozco: "Absolutely, she’s a queen boss baby legend and he was nobody until her."

Dom Perillo: "No because he’s the best tight end in football so. He’s won two super bowls. Anybody who’s watched football knows Travis Kelce."

Nina Marreiros: "I love them so much. I did know who he was before taylor, but now it makes him so much better because he’s with Taylor." 

Nick Perillo: "No because Taylor Swift is bad that’s why. He has a good mustache."

Ava Dinola: "No, he was already on the map just not for teenage girls."

Joey Carangelo: "No, he’s making millions before her. It doesn’t make a difference who he’s dating. Just more people care about him."

Olivia Martin: "Yeah, I just think she made him known. I never really knew him until Taylor Swift. I was never interested in Travis Kelce until Taylor Swift.

Ms. Riccio: "He was already on the map when him and his brother played against each other in the super bowl. That was when he was on the map. I think she’s hyping him up. He’s a good player, but she’s drawing attention to him more than a normal nfl season." 

Ella Dinola: "Who's travis kelce?" 

Ms. Torpey: "STOP ENTERING YOURSELF INTO EVERYTHING. Let football be football. Granted she did make a lot of Chiefs fans"