Reimagining The Comet


Have you heard of The Comet but don't know how to engage with us? This semester the News team is working hard to get EHHS more involved in our stories!


The hottest topic in our paper! The Comet will begin by keeping up with sports articles and making sure you guys are well informed on any of the games and game reviews. It’s come to our attention that lots of you students miss out on spirit weeks and game dates because many of you aren’t active on socials! Since our sports articles are so well liked, stay tuned on our Comet for all the sports information and features you could possibly need! Stay on the lookout for any new sports articles and features that will get written in the future.


Giana Carr has taken on learning all about our communities pets! Honey Paws is continuing to feature our favorite fur babies. Every week make sure you are tuned in and guess whose pet it may be!


Want to know all of our schools hot takes? Well, Brooke Ciscone will be spilling all the tea in our thornes column. Make sure to check it out to see if you made it into or roses and thorns section!


New music? A new album? Willow Torres has got you covered. Stay tuned for all of her reviews and recommendations on the Comet’s Buzz Beats. She’ll indulge on all of your hot-takes and

Are you curious as to what trends have taken over EHHS? Holly Speers has begun her writing of all the trends and "eras" our school has seen! Tap in to see if you are following all of the latest trends.


Aidan Haley is giving all you astrology lovers all the information you need to survive all your retrogrades. Tap into Hive Astrology to see your daily horoscopes - all your dos and don’ts for the week!


Looking for a solid movie review? Want to watch a movie but are unsure if it’s worth your time? Bella Mott is here to solve all your movie problems. She will be giving unbiased opinions on all those movies you all are so curious about! Any movie ideas can be submitted through the suggestion box!


Are you looking to see what our school been up too? Buzz of the week is ran and edited by Mariana Lugo. She will give you all the latest updates and new school wide opportunities. Tune in to Buzz of the week, maybe you’ll see something that catches your eye!


Talking to our EHHS community has become the biggest outlook for improving our newspaper. After discussing what new articles our school would like to see everyone has come up with these ideas!

  • An “Alumni Column:” The alumni column will be an interview with a former student at EHHS. In this article we will learn about their lives today and what challenges and achievements they may have had moving into the ‘real world.’
  • The “Lab Diaries:” Our very own Miss Kalman has inspired us to document our science wings science labs! This article series will shine light on all the hard work you as students put into your science labs!
  • A Creative Writing series: The idea of a progressive creative writing story was mentioned through multiple people in our community. Once we begin this column you readers will have to tune in every episode for the next part of the story! We are currently looking for a writer who would be interested in writing this piece (and can remain anonymous). Reach out if you'd like to be our writer!
  • STAT CHAT: Ana Romero is bringing back a Comet classic. She will be featuring a student-athlete every week. So you as our readers will get the inside scoop on our EHHS athletes.


Obviously as a group of writers and a community of students we all have different interests. But our biggest wish is to keep our school engaged, and the best way we can do that is by being open to all of your suggestions! We hope to soon have a suggestion box for you all to write any ideas you have for our newspaper. As a team we hope that you’ll stay tuned in to our Comet, you can find us on…

  • Instagram: @EHHSComet
  • Tiktok: @EHHSComet
  • Website:

We hope to see you again!