Ms. Stetson: A New Voice in The EHHS English Department


There’s a new face in the EHHS English department, and her name is Ms. Amanda Stetson. She’s quickly making a positive impression since joining the teaching team. After finishing high school at North Haven High, she continued her education at Albertus Magnus. She values good education and building strong connections with students. When she’s not teaching, Ms. Stetson enjoys reading poetry, psychology, and a variety of novels. Her diverse interests showcase her dedication to understanding people and expanding her reading skills. On her first day at EHHS, a mix of nervousness and excitement filled the air. She has fond memories of engaging activities with fellow educators, like Ms. Caturano, who helped her settle in. One memorable activity involved rubber ducks and personal introductions. Kids would pick a rubber duck and share interesting things about themselves, adding a touch of fun to the classroom. Ms. Stetson’s favorite literary works are just as diverse as her reading tastes. She enjoys The Awakening, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, and various poetry collections. Her passion for teaching stems from her own journey of finding her voice through the English language, and she’s excited to guide her students on a similar path. Mrs. Lisa Veleas, the English department Instructional Leader, she mentioned, "Ms. Stetson truly wants to be here, and she is working very hard for her students." Mrs. Veleas emphasized Ms. Stetson’s commitment to the EHHS community and her dedication to providing quality education. With Ms. Stetson’s enthusiasm and fresh approach, she has already made a positive impact on the EHHS English department. Students and fellow educators are eager to see the continued growth and influence she brings to the school, inspired by her love for teaching and her passion for empowering young minds.