ALICE Training in EHHS Takes School Safety In a New Direction


EHHS implemented the ALICE method at EHHS to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and visitors. As a result of the increase in school safety issues around the world, an East Haven committee decided that it would be best to have ALICE implemented into the school community and safety measures.

EHHS Principal, Mr. Vincent DeNuzzo said in the early winter of 2019, the EHPS administrators were professionally trained for ALICE and the administrators planned to launch the program in the spring of 2020.  The original plans were pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. ALICE was finally put into action at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year. Before the pandemic there were lockdown drills, which the committee determined were not as effective for safety after research and debrief on studies.

In previous years, the lockdown protocol for EHPS was not as effective for safety. The previous lockdown protocol would be to stay silent in the corner while a teacher would lock all windows and doors that could access the room. The ALICE method is the opposite. Students are expected to spread out throughout the classroom and be prepared to "Counter" the intruder if need be. There is also the possibility that students go to the rally point that is decided for them if there is a chance of leaving the school building without being put in harm's way.

EHHS Resource Officer Nicole Burrell said, “I got feedback last time we did the enhanced lockdown at the end of last year. A lot of kids came and talked to me and they said they felt better.” Many students would agree that this new method of lockdown is much more effective in helping them feel safe with the idea of coming to school on a daily basis.

Mr. DeNuzzo and Officer Burrell agree that the main concern is the safety of people within EHHS. They want students and staff to not only feel safe, but to be prepared for anything.