The Hive Mind: Eras Edition


This week's question of the Hive Mind is: What Era Do You Wish You Lived Through? 

Lainie D’auria: 1980s

Nina Marreiros: 1970s

Anely Rojas: "I would say the time period when dinosaurs lived." 

Ava Avena: Victorian Era

Ms. Ruggiero: 1800s

Val Sortito: 1980s

Melania Korenovsky: early 2000s

Katelyn Lawler: "I would wanna live in the era of the 2000s. I think it would be so fun. There's not as much technology. Not everyone is on their phones all the time and social media." 

Cristina Fernandez: 2000s

Julia Jaskulska: 2000s

Auggie Nastri: 1960s

Julianna Depalma: 1920s

Jeydalis Serrano: 1960s

Tahniya Hillard: "I like my time period right now." 

Nick Mairano: 1980s 

Mr. Lynch: 1980s

Ms. Collins: "Strictly fashion, music, culture, not all the bad stuff. If we were living in a utopia then the 60s. The fashion and stuff is really cool and there was a big music explosion blowing up everywhere."