The Impossible

Genre: Thriller

Release date: December 21, 2012

Rotten tomatoes score:82%

Isabella's rating: ★★★★

Feature: Alivia Rosado

The Impossible follows a family that goes to Thailand for Christmas in 2004, and gets caught in a tsunami wave. The family gets split up and has to navigate the country to find each other. The Impossible is based on a true story of a family that went through this tsunami. It follows Maria, a doctor and mother, as well as her 12 year old son Lucas who have to find safety from the water. They get split off from Henry, the father, as well as their other children, Thomas and Simon.

I think that The Impossible did a great job at showing how family is there for each other throughout the movie. They represented the mother/son dynamic perfectly by showing how the son stays strong even when his mother is hurt. My favorite character has to be Lucas, played by Tom Holland. Even as a child, Holland did a great job at expressing his emotions through facial expressions, and making the viewers feel for the family. Throughout the movie a lot of other people help the family along the way.The movie shows perfectly how during times of grief and danger, communities will come together to help all. Watching this movie helped me remember that others have your back in situations even if you dont know them. Many moments were very touching, but also suspenseful.

Aside from the themes, the action in this movie was incredible and extremely suspenseful. There were many different scenes that were actually risky,and even painful to watch. A lot of characters were injured in the movie, which always had given the idea of risk throughout the movie. The writers and directors did a good job at balancing the movie with a lot of action as well as sad and emotional moments. Overall I liked the movie, and would recommend it to people because not only is it a well crafted movie, but also a touching, true story.

Alivia Rosado, a junior, also recommended this movie to be reviewed. She touches on how catastrophic a tsunami can be, and the effect on families and communities. Alivia mentions how she has a love for shows and movies that are based on real events, because it can really show the emotion behind a certain topic or event. She also talks about how it shows her the effect it has on families being separated. The movie shows how the only thing that people care about is finding their family, because they want to know if they are safe. Overall Alivia recommended this movie because she liked the themes presented in this movie as well as the action and adventure.