How the EHHS Golf Team Found Success in their Season


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Despite their small number of members, the EHHS golf team brings success and talent to EHHS. The golf team has been around since the early 1960s. Although there are no girls on the team this year, it is a co-ed team, meaning both boys and girls can join. Currently, there are six members of the golf team coached by coach Rick Narracci and assistant coach Mark Tolla.

This year’s captain of the team is senior Domenic Plano. He has been a member of the golf team for three years. When choosing a captain, Domenic’s hard work and leadership qualities were recognized. Coach Narracci says “He’s a good leader and works really hard at it.” As captain of the golf team, Domenic helps keep the pace of play during practices and typically goes up against the best member from other teams at matches.

According to coach Narracci, golf is a pretty difficult sport: “It takes a lot of time to get good at it.” Despite the difficulty, it is still possible to join the team with no experience. “It’s nice to have someone who had some experience before they got into high school, but it’s not completely necessary. We’ve had kids who’ve been beginners.”

Despite the golf team’s small number of members, they have been doing well this season. For the past three years, the team has qualified for the state tournament. Coach Narracci’s goal for this season was to qualify for the state tournament again. This year, they performed well enough to accomplish that goal. The golf team will be heading to their state tournament on Tuesday, June 6th.

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