Define Victory: An Aftermath Tale by David Ross (Part 2/2)


Mya started to walk forward and I followed. We could see piles of debris as we continued forward; our path led us to a streak in the ground. It was a long cracked dent in the ground that ran like a line. I bent down to feel it, it zapped my hand with a simple touch. It burned like I had touched fire or something, whatever had made this strike, it was full of energy. At the end of the streak there was another girl, who was really tall and had black skin. She lay flat on the ground, eyes open, but they appeared to be lifeless, lacking any pupils. They were just two white voids in her eyes. This scared me. I thought, What in the world happened to this girl? I don't think I've seen anything without any pupils in their eyes, it was quite unsettling. Beside her was a smoking sword. I suspected it created the streak in the ground.
Mya ran towards the girl, panic stricken, "Cristal! Oh my goodness are you okay?"

Cristal's eyes lit up and she suddenly seemed to be awakened by a sudden burst of energy. Her eyes now had Light Blue Pupils, they looked almost electric. I heard Cristal let out a loud breath, and I could see Mya helping Cristal up.

Mya tried counseling her, "Cristal, I'm so glad you're okay. I hope you aren't too upset about your girlfriend. I know you loved Gabby and I wish I could change what happend, please know that I'm here for you, and… Cristal?"

Cristal looked lifeless, reacting to nothing, a blank stare on her face. She gave Mya a very monotone response, "I know,” she said  There was no emotion in her words, and I couldn't tell if she felt sad, angry, or just simply didn't care.

Out of the corner of my eye, in the distance, I could see another scene. I ran towards it, only to see another unsightly view, similar to the one I saw before. I saw the body of a white skinned boy, with black hair lying on the ground. Above him sat who I thought might be Michel. Mya said Michel had a blue chest plate in the center of his black suit, and she said that him and David looked almost identical, except David was taller. From this I could interpret that the body on the ground was David.

I called to Mya, "Dragon girl, Dragon Girl!"

Mya came running on all fours in an instant, Cristal walked far behind, She looked Moribund as she walked; like she was going towards something else entirely. Her eyes still glowed a bright blue, she had a blank stare into nothing as she walked. Her eyes weren't focusing on me or Mya. It felt to me like Cristal was in her own world all together. Mya ran past me to the two boys. She hugged The one I thought was Michel; he reciprocated, crying in her arms. Mya told me that David and Michel were like brothers, they worked together really well and had a very close bond. David's body was Stillborn, I could tell that he was dead.

Then it hit me, David died when he defeated Purple Shade. David sacrificed himself so his friends could live.

Now I felt like I could really understand the sorrow in everyone. Two people had died in this battle, people that Mya, Cristal, and Michel had to be very close with. This was victory; a very rare form of it. Cristal stood beside me, her back turned away. Despite this I could still see the tears she was trying so hard to hide. I took out Bunnie, and held him to my chest, and sat down. I closed my eyes and could feel all the emotion, coming off of everyone, even the emotionless Cristal. This family had suffered so much, I never thought "victory" could lead to this much grief. I felt for them and I knew I had to help them, in some way, if only I knew how.