Buzzing on the Big Screen: Young Sheldon


Young Sheldon

Genre: Comedy

Release date: September 25, 2017

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 81%

Emilee’s rating: ★★★★★

Young Sheldon is the prequel to the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory. It follows one of the main characters, Sheldon Cooper, in 1989. Sheldon is extremely intelligent, attending highschool at just age 9 in season one. Sheldon lives in Texas with his mother, Mary, who is a devout Christian, his father, George, a football coach, and his older brother, Georgie, and twin sister, Missy, who are far less intelligent than him. His free-spirited Meemaw, Connie, also lives next door. The show follows Sheldon and his family's lives starting when Sheldon and Missy are 9 and Georgie is around 14/15. Season six is currently airing and Sheldon and Missy are now 13 years old and Georgie is 19. 

Although I have never seen The Big Bang Theory, I do really enjoy watching Young Sheldon. It's really funny, heartwarming, and easy to watch. Meemaw is my favorite character because I love how she is the complete opposite of Mary, her daughter. She also doesn't let anyone tell her what do. Missy is similar to Meemaw which makes her one of my favorites too. Missy also doesn't let people boss her around and even plays baseball on an all boys team. Georgie is funny too and I like him, just not as much as other characters. Mary can be funny unintentionally, which is what I like about her. However, sometimes she needs to stop pushing her beliefs onto others. In one episode, she doesn't even want Missy to go to a school dance because "Baptists don't dance." George is somewhat boring and I don't like him. He's selfish and doesn't even care that much about his own kids. 

There's a lot I have to say about Sheldon. I've never seen The Big Bang Theory but everyone says Sheldon is an apathetic and indifferent person in that show. However, in Young Sheldon, Sheldon really grows as a person and begins to be more sympathetic to others. It makes no sense to me how Sheldon becomes a better person and loses all of that character development when he gets older. Also, despite the fact that he grows as a person, he's still really annoying. He might be really smart but he does very stupid things, he's slightly narcissistic, and hurts others pretty often. 

Overall, despite my hatred for some characters, I really like the show and the characters are what make it enjoyable. The characters are honestly supposed to be disliked. The show is super funny and relaxing. It's honestly one of my favorite shows.